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Since our suppliers regularly change their stock, the available colours vary considerably. This gives you the advantage of ordering clothes in the latest fashion fabrics. Créa Vie really is your personalized catalogue.

Whatever your needs, be they for everyday wear, special occasions or for special needs, the cost of the garment can vary considerably, depending on the fabrics that you have selected. For this reason, we will provide the cost of your order and colour samples at the same time.
How does it work ?
Send us your request by e-mail. Créa Vie will send you a selection of available colours, from which you make your choice . When we receive your final order, we will send the requested items.
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Your custom order - in ten easy questions
Before we start, please indicate how you would prefer how we answer you :

  1 - This order is for :
2 - Description of recipient :
  Name of recipient of order:
3 - Why do you need adapted clothes ?
  Arthritis or osteoarthritis
  Full paralysis
  Partial paralysis
  Wheelchair use
  Alzheimer’s’ disease
  Additional comments 
4 - When will you wear them ?
  Daily wear
  Wheelchair wear
  Regular outings
  Special occasions
  Additional comments:
5A - Women’s clothes :
  Front-opening dress
  Back-opening dress
  Back-opening housedress
  Over shirt 
5B - Men’s clothes :
  Front-opening shirt
  Back-opening shirt
  Back-opening nightshirts
  Back-opening polo shirts
6 - Clothing and accessories :
  Side-opening trousers
  Seatless trousers
  Trousers with panel
  Side-opening shorts
  Jogging suit
  Waterproof Cape
  Reversible short cape
  Reversible winter cape
  Convertible bedspread
7 - Size :
  XS - Extra small
  S - Small
  M - Medium
  L - Large
  XL - Extra large
  XXL - Extra extra large 
8 - Waist for trousers, shorts or skirts :
  24-26 inches = 61-66 centimetres
  27-29 inches = 67-75 centimetres
  30-32 inches = 76-82 centimetres
  33-35 inches = 83-90 centimetres
  36-38 inches = 91-97 centimetres
  39-42 inches = 98-107 centimetres
  43-45 inches = 108-115 centimetres
  46-48 inches = 116-123 centimetres
  49-51 inches = 124-129 centimetres
9 - Desired product :
  Lightweight garment
  Warm garment
  Very warm garment
  Garment for special occasions
10 - Desired colours :
  Solid pale colour
  Solid dark colour
  Lightweight patterned fabric
  Colourful patterned fabrics
  Colour preference :
  Keep in mind that adapted garments ordered for the use of an individual are tax-free when prescribed by a doctor (see page on Helpful Advice). If this is the case :  
  Doctor’s name:
  Prescription number :
  Name of the person who is ordering :
  Street Address:
  Postal/Zip Code:
  E-mail address:
  Now that you have filled out your personalized order form, all you have to do now is click on “SEND THIS FORM” to send it to Créa Vie.
Please note that, in sending this form, there is absolutely no obligation on your part to purchase anything. This form indicates that you are interested and provides us with your specific requirements
Done !
When we receive your order form, we will send back colour samples, a cost estimate of your order, and another order form. You can also contact us again for further details.
If all details are correct and you have decided to order…
Fill out the order form and send it to Créa Vie by post, enclosing your cheque or money order, and the original copy of your prescription [if garment(s) prescribed by a doctor].

When we receive your order and payment…
Créa Vie will prepare your order (expect a two-week delay) and will send it by ground transport payable C.O.D.
Discretion Ensured
To ensure your complete privacy, all the information that we receive will remain confidential and will never be sold or otherwise distributed.
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You’re in good hands! Thank you for your support.
    -The Créa Vie team