Crea Vie - The answers you need

Since 1998, Créa Vie has been providing adapted clothing in response to the special needs of people who are no longer able to dress themselves.
Vivianne Jutras, designer of the Créa Vie collection, is well aware of the challenges facing those dealing with arthritis, osteoarthritis, varied physical handicaps or paralysis, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, incontinence etc.
In collaboration with medical professionals, she has designed an adapted clothing collection that fits YOUR needs, in high quality fabrics that are comfortable, practical, durable and washable.
We can still be fashionable, even if we are different.” That is why Vivianne’s off-the-peg clothes are designed in vivid and stylish colours with a flattering cut which camouflages any required alterations.

That’s why Créa Vie was created - for improving YOUR quality of life. Whatever your needs, Créa Vie will find the best solution.

Professionnal or family caregivers really appreciate Créa Vie clothing - it’s a practical way of simplifying the daily routine.
A well-dressed person feels more attractive, and this improves both mental and physical health.”

- for taking the time to discover
   what Créa Vie has just designed for you.