What is adapted clothing ?
Adapted clothes are designed to make the routine task of dressing easier, simpler and pleasant. Just buttoning clothes is difficult, if not insurmountable with the onset of arthritis, or just with aging. How frustrating and demoralizing! Créa Vie has now created clothing with Velcro strips discreetly hidden under the buttonholes, and this daily struggle becomes a simple and mundane action.

Eating is one of life’s necessities and great pleasures. But that pleasure is often replaced by embarrassment or worry about dropping food, dribbling or staining clothes. With Créa Vie’s coordinating bibs, aprons and collars, any spills can be easily removed to keep clothing neat and fashionable.
ressing unaided can be next to impossible following surgery or the appearance of a disability. Asking for help can be very demoralizing and humiliating. However, specially designed clothes can avoid awkward and often painful movements. Créa Vie’s collection is designed to restore your ability to dress yourself, and thus your self-confidence, your dignity and your autonomy.
With more severe disabilities, assistance in dressing is often necessary. Then open-backed clothing becomes the most practical solution for dressing in a sitting or reclining position. Alterations are practically invisible, and even trousers can be opened along the side seams. With Créa Vie, you can maintain your self-respect and steer clear of the hospital gown look.
ncontinence compounds the feeling of powerlessness. Wearing diapers and, even worse, having those diapers changed is a major blow to personal integrity. Créa Vie’s jumpsuits will not remove the physical disability, but if you don’t have to be undressed to have those diapers changed, you can maintain your dignity. Caregivers will also find that jumpsuits simplify this task.

For myriad needs, there are myriad solutions. Créa Vie is right there with YOU, listening to your requests and ready to answer them. Have a look at our collection, created and designed to help YOU and YOUR particular needs. Together, we will prolong and improve your quality of life.
 "We celebrated our one hundredth birthday
   The heart is not wrinkled
   Because   we learn how to stay young
   As we get older."