Helpful advice

Don’t worry about ironing - Choose clothes that will survive frequent washing and require little or no ironing. When you select cotton fabric, be sure it includes polyester (50% cotton/50% polyester or 35% cotton/65% polyester).

Steer clear of everyday clothing containing more than 30% rayon, silk, linen or wool. That way you will avoid damaging your clothes by frequent washing, stretching and … ironing!

Think about freedom of movement and comfort - Choose garments with wide openings and some fullness. They are easier and more comfortable to put on. Clothes with back openings are the easiest for dressing when standing up, sitting or even lying in bed, and do not require arm movements.

Elasticity - Fabric elasticity is a key component of comfort, and is determined by the fabric weave and composition. The secret is to select knitted or interlock fabrics. Look for: polyester, interlock, gabardine, cotton/polyester and acrylic knit on the labels.
ake care of your clothes - Before sending your clothes for washing, ensure that all Velcro fastening are well closed. In washers and dryers, open Velcro will attach to fabrics and damage clothing fibres. Your clothes will last longer with just a little care.
Save on sales taxes !

Do you need adaptive clothing? Ask your doctor to write a prescription. Send us the original - including date of prescription, signature and license number of your physician, as well as your address - with your first order. This way you can save on sales taxes (GST and QST).
According to Article 36, section 11 in the Appendix to the Law on Customs and Excise Duty (Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, formerly known as Revenue Canada), adaptive clothing purchased for consumer use through a medical prescription is tax-exempt. Note that only individuals, not institutions, can profit from this exemption.
Créa Vie will keep your prescription with on file, where it will be valid for all your future orders. Please send original because photocopies or fax copies are not valid.

ell us your needs - we are listening to you! You have special requirements or particular problems? Let us know!. We will find a solution to improve your well-being and your quality of life. YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR PRIORITY.

  A simple smile
  Costs less than electricity
  But it gives
  As much light
                              - l'Abbé Pierre

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