Let’s go outside!
Capes for all climates.

It’s raining? It’s snowing? It’s cold outside? No problem! You can rediscover the freedom and the pleasure of being outdoors. No more struggling into coat sleeves - Créa Vie has designed a cape that will make your life easier.

Whether you are independently mobile or in a wheelchair, the Créa Vie cape is indispensable - it is easy to slip on over your head, with an opening that won’t mess up your hair.

The winter version is available in warm reversible polar fabric (just like having two coats) with an inside and outside kangaroo pocket. It it’s nice outside, slip off the hood. When it becomes cooler, simply pull it back on.

The Créa Vie cape is also available as a rain cape in waterproof fabric, to protect you from the elements.

Créa Vie has selected comfortable and durable quality fabrics.

- One size fits all
- Price 100,00$ and up

For women or men
The short reversible cape has inside and outside kangaroo pockets. It is also available in a lighter-weight version that is not reversible. It is easy to slip over the head, and can also be opened at the back - whichever is convenient

Créa Vie capes are made of quality fabrics to keep you warm and dry, and above all comfortable. Let us know what you need - we can help you!

- One size fits all

- Price: 80,00$ and up

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