Collars and bibs

Detachable Collars
hange the appearance of your clothes without anyone noticing, with the Créa Vie detachable collar, designed in the same fabric as your dress or housedress.

It attaches easily at the back of the neck with Velcro.

The detachable collar is particularly useful when you are invited to dinner - if you happen to spill food on the collar you can whip it off and presto - your clothes are still clean and no one knows the difference.

We recommend that you order the detachable collar at the same time as you order your outfit, to ensure matching fabric.

- One size fits all

- Price: $30.00


Many people find that mealtimes are difficult due to the inevitable spills of food. Créa Vie’s bibs are designed to keep your clothes free of unpleasant food stains. Made of durable and absorbent towelling, they are wide and long, attaching easily at the shoulder with a practical Velcro band and withstanding frequent washing.

- One size fits all

- Price - $20.00

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