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Little extras
To personalize your clothes

You’d like to add some detail to your dresses and blouses? Créa Vie can add lace trim for a more feminine touch. However, please keep in mind that lace is more fragile than the fabric, requires more delicate handling and often needs a touch of the iron to look its best.

Most of our dresses and blouses have elbow-length sleeves. Why? Because we have found that a shorter sleeve makes people feel cold, and a longer sleeve can get caught and cause spills, especially at mealtime. However, if you would prefer longer (or shorter) sleeves, Créa Vie will modify the length for you.

If you have trouble reaching into your front pockets, no problem!! Many people find it easier to reach the side of their arm rather than a shirt pocket. Crea Vie can place a pocket on the right or left sleeve (your choice).

Just make a note in the "Additional Comments" section on your order form.

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