Men’s bathrobe. Opens at the back
You will be ready for anything in this practical bathrobe - you can stretch out and sleep comfortably or welcome visitors without looking like an invalid.

Easy to put on without moving the arms, the Créa Vie bathrobe is perfect for dressing a sitting or reclining person with limited arm movement. A back-opening bathrobe is the ideal first purchase of adapted garments, in a classic design that is always appreciated.

All your caregiver needs to do is attach the two Velcro tabs and you are ready for morning or night. The bathrobe is easily removed.

Créa Vie bathrobes are available in a polo neck model with Velcro closure. They can be ordered with more open necklines, with no collar and with front opening and Velcro tab closure.

These practical and versatile garments are available in a variety of fabrics and colours.

- Available in all sizes

- Price : 55$ and up
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