The skirt is an essential element of a woman’s wardrobe. For many, it is a versatile garment that is hard to give up when mobility or dexterity is compromised.

Fastening the button in the waistband becomes a challenge and then an impossible task.

To solve this problem, Créa Vie skirts can be cut on four panels. We also provide a backless skirt (like an apron) for wear in a wheelchair.

Circular skirts are also popular items with the invisible Velcro tab placed in the pleat between the waist and the pocket.

For those who find pulling on skirts too difficult, Créa Vie has designed a wrap-around skirt, which also fastens with Velcro tabs.

With Créa Vie’s solutions, you can continue to dress yourself in clothing that YOU choose!

- Available in all sizes

- Price : 55,00$ and up

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