Take advantage of summer!

Everyone reaches for shorts when the sun comes out. However, they are difficult to put on and are not always comfortable. Not any more…. with Créa Vie!

No more buttons and zippers! Practical Velcro tabs, ingeniously hidden in the front or on the sides make adjustment and fastening child’s play.

If pulling on shorts is too difficult, Créa Vie moves the opening to the sides, so they are easier to put on. The Velcro fastenings are impossible to detect.

When incontinence is a problem, a removable rear panel simplifies changing without removing shorts entirely.

Both you and your caregivers will appreciate the speed and ease of these new designs. It does wonders for your self esteem when you do not have to undress at every inopportune moment.

Now, you can confidently include shorts in your wardrobe, with Créa Vie’s comfortable, durable and washable fabrics...
- Available in all sizes

- Price : 55$ and up

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